Recognized for its tradition and ongoing search of adjustment to the market trends and requirements, Sousa Grilo & Associados – Law Firm, R.L. consolidated itself as a law firm which acquired credibility by providing specialized legal services of high quality mainly by its founding partner João Sousa Grilo.

João Paulo Sousa Grilo was born in February 24, 1952.

He graduated in Law School, Coimbra University, on December 10, 1976 and was enrolled as a lawyer on November 23, 1978, practicing law for more than 35 years.

He was Chairman of the Portuguese Lawyers' Order, Barcelos Delegation, from 2002 to 2004.

That same year of 2004 he founded Sousa Grilo & Associados – Law Firm, R.L. in order to adapt to new challenges and specialization that the practice of law, increasingly demands and now requires.

His son, João Paulo Azevedo de Sousa Grilo, joins him as a partner, becoming in 2013, its majority partner due to the unexpected and misfortune, death of his Father.

Always excelling due to the ethics and excellent services provided to the clients and work performed, the firm operates in several areas of Corporate Law, assuring the best possible support to its clients in defending their interests and identifying effective solutions for the problems reported by them.

With several expertise and highly qualified, the lawyers of  Sousa Grilo & Associados are constantly updated and renewed in order to meet the market trends and develop new forms of action guaranteeing the satisfaction of the clients, by offering high quality legal services compatible with the specificities of each case.

The aim of Sousa Grilo & Associados is to perform a constant institutional work in order to approach customers and potential partners.

Being present nacional and world wide, the integration and exchange of opportunities with such partners allows a significant technical improvement, in constant development and renewal.

The dedication, seriousness, determination and enthusiasm in conducting its work led to its consolidation in the nacional market as a recognized firm by the actual results and excellence in legal services.

Its structure is highly dynamic, continuously investing in upgrading and improving its legal body, technological resources, methods and informatics solutions.

Sousa Grilo & Associados has offices around the country, allowing it to respond to the demands of its customers fast and efficiently.

As support for legal work, the firm has a highly qualified administrative staff .

The range of its structure and performance off its legal body allows it to serve companies of all sizes and social objects in an individualized manner with speed and efficiency.

Ethics, integrity, trust, perseverance and independence, coupled with the quality of service and customer satisfaction, determines and will determine a solid growth of Sousa Grilo & Associados national and international level .

It is imbued with this family tradition and with its sigths set on the future that Sousa Grilo & Associados conducts its activity in order to get the best results for its clients, always preserving absolute integrity, loyalty and good faith.


To my father João Sousa Grilo (1952-2013):


O Pai

“Terra de semente inculta e bravia,

terra onde não há esteiros ou caminhos,

sob o sol minha vida se alonga e estremece.


Pai, nada podem teus olhos doces,

como nada puderam as estrelas

que me abrasam os olhos e as faces.


Escureceu-me a vista o mal de amor

e na doce fonte do meu sonho

outra fonte tremida se reflecte.


Depois... Pergunta a Deus porque me deram

o que me deram e porque depois

conheci a solidão do céu e da terra.


Olha, minha juventude foi um puro

botão que ficou por rebentar e perde

a sua doçura de seiva e de sangue.


O sol que cai e cai eternamente

cansou-se de a beijar... E o outono.

Pai, nada podem teus olhos doces.


Escutarei de noite as tuas palavras:

... menino, meu menino...


E na noite imensa

com as feridas de ambos seguirei.


Pablo Neruda